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First Letter

Play a game of categories starting with a certain letter.

Hear a sample of First Letter

"Alexa, open My Alphabet Game."

Alexa: Welcome to My Alphabet Game. Let’s see how well you know your classic rock bands [...] Get ready to get down. Phillip, in the category classic rock bands, what starts with the letter

"Deep Purple."

Alexa: Right on! Deep Purple is correct. You have successfully earned your bonus points.

####Try it first To play a sample game on your device, say "Alexa, open Rock Band Alphabet Game." ####How to create 1. Pick a single category 2. Enter the list of possible answers across the alphabet 3. Manage how Alexa hosts the game 4. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Grab 2-4 players, then open your skill. Each round: * Alexa names a player, states the category, and gives the next letter of the alphabet * Once a player names an item starting with that letter, Alexa confirms - right or wrong. Alexa totals the score and declares a winner.