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"Alexa, open Forest Lake University."

Alexa: Welcome back to the Forest Lake University. Today we will discuss the future of robotics. What are the possibilities? What's out there today? How will the world adapt or change? Join us as we as we chat through this exciting topic.

### How to create 1. Enter your recorded audio URL or radio livestream URL. 2. Customize your welcome messages. 3. Name your skill. 4. Edit anytime to update your welcome messages. 5. Share your skill with your student community or publish your skill to the Alexa Skills Store for anyone to use. ### How to use 1. Open your skill. 2. Listen to the audio or live stream. 3. Pause and play by saying "Alexa, pause" and "Alexa, resume." 4. Say "Alexa, stop" when you're done for the day. 5. When listening to podcasts you can say "Alexa, shuffle" to shuffle the playing order, or "Alexa, loop" to loop the current episode. ### Tips You'll need an existing and active RSS feed or a radio livestream URL to create this skill.