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Family Trivia

Play together and brush up on your family history.

Hear a sample of Family Trivia

"Alexa, open Family Trivia."

Alexa: Welcome to your Family Trivia game. You'll be quizzed on facts you likely didn't know about your family. [...] Let's start. Answer quickly until you get three wrong. WHich town were mum's parents born in? - 1... Lorne, 2... La Trobe, or 3... Lower Hutt?

"Lower Hutt..?."

Alexa: Great job! You now have one point.

####How to create 1. Create your own questions 2. Fill in four possible answers 3. Customise how Alexa runs the quiz 4. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Grab 1-4 players, open your skill, and tell Alexa your names. Each turn: * Alexa asks one player a question, then says the choices * Once they answer, Alexa confirms - right or wrong * Alexa says a related fun fact Alexa totals the score and declares a winner.