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Help your flatmates by providing them with all the important information they should know.

Hear a sample of Flatmate

"Alexa, open My Flatmate."

Alexa: Hey there, what questions can I answer? You can ask house rules, contact info, how things work and a few more.

"How do I connect to the wifi?"

Alexa: Search for the network called Belong wifi. [...] What else would you like to know?

"How do I pay the rent?"

Alexa: Rent is paid monthly on the 1st of the month[...]

####How to create 1. Come up with a list of house rules for different areas of your flat. 2. Include contact info for important people like your landlord. 3. Give instructions on things like connecting to wifi, paying the rent, recycling bin dates, and taking out the rubbish. 4. From vacuum cleaner to laundry detergent, list the things your flatmates might need and where to find them. ####How to use Teach your flatmates to open this skill on your devices.