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Surprise mum with a personalised story narrated by Alexa.

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"Alexa, open My Mum’s Story."

Alexa: Happy birthday mum! Tim and Rebecca created this story, which is all about their mum Penny. Penny was born in Melbourne quite a few years ago. Growing up she loved to play tennis, and read Snoopy and Peanut cartoons. These days, Penny’s favourite things to do are to read a good book in the sun, eat toast with lime marmalade, and spend time with her family and dog Buddy. Her favourite food is chicken stir fry with bok choy, and her favourite colour is green.

####How to create 1. Get inspired by the sample story 2. Customise it, or start from scratch 3. Drop in sound effects, fun expressions, and pauses 4. Add a personalised greeting 5. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Let your mum know how to ask Alexa for her personal story, or surprise her by asking Alexa first.