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Create an interactive story with a Sci-Fi theme.

Hear a sample of Sci-Fi

"Alexa, open Steve's Alien Story."

Alexa: Welcome to Steve's Alien Story. This story has three blanks in it. To change a blank, say


Alexa: You said Jess. Okay. [...] Are you ready to hear your story?


Alexa: This is going to be a great story...

####How to create 1. Get inspired by the sample story 2. Customise it, or start from scratch 3. Drop in sound effects, fun expressions, and pauses 4. Create interactive 'blanks' to fill in while you listen 5. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Gather your audience. When you play the story, Alexa asks listeners to fill in the blanks and then reads the story.